Hero Shop X The RealReal

I’m a big believer in closet clean-outs. At least once a year, I set aside a few hours to take inventory of my wardrobe and make three piles: Keep, Send to the dry cleaner/tailor, Sell.

To get started, I ask myself a few simple questions:

  • Have I worn it—or even wanted to—in the last year?
  • Does it represent a style I was going to try on that never felt right?
  • Do I have a higher-quality or updated version of the thing?
  • Does it still fit (be honest) and is it still in close-to-original condition?
  • Does it bring me more joy than the money I’d earn from selling it?

That last one is where The RealReal comes in. Bay Area-based and female-founded, the company makes consigning ridiculously easy. You just ship them the items you’re selling, or drop them off at one of their retail locations, and soon you’re getting a few bucks (and often, more) each month without really doing any work.

This summer, The RealReal opened a brick-and-mortar store at the Marin Country Mart and, to celebrate, we’re partnering with them to offer first-time consignors who sell at the Marin location $50 off their next purchase at Hero Shop*.

So do a little digging, see what you can live without and then bring it over to Larkspur. You’ll find that by weeding out what no longer serves you, you’ll become a smarter shopper.

See you soon,