In The Heart of San Francisco

A lot of people wonder how we chose the Tenderloin. It's because it's one of the city's most vibrant, iconic and rapidly changing neighborhoods. Within one block of Hero Shop, there are terrific bakeries, upscale interiors shop, exciting restaurants, a leading art gallery and arguably the city's most in-demand facialist. So there's a lot going on. But there's no denying that the neighborhood also is in great need. Hero Shop aims to share our success and our energy with our neighbors who are doing important work. Please join us in supporting Raphael House, Larkin Street Youth Services, and 826 Valencia among others.

Also In The Neighborhood

Jane: The Hero Shop team’s go-to spot for coffee, sandwiches, salads and killer avocado toast.

The Saratoga: A sophisticated cocktail bar with friendly staff and excellent bites. Also open for brunch on Saturday.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse: Arrive early and snag a spot in line for their famous cruffin pastry (that’s a croissant crossed with a muffin).

Miller’s Rest: A solid local tavern inspired by the owner’s Midwestern lakehouse.

Grass Roots: A well-regarded dispensary beloved by cannabis aficionados and newbies alike.

Jessica Silverman Gallery: One of the top contemporary art galleries in the country.