Some of Emily's Favorite Small Businesses

My apartment is in the Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. For the uninitiated, that means it's on the north side of Golden Gate Park and right next to Ocean Beach. My place, specifically, is across the street from the sand. I can see the waves from my living room. It's a really special spot, and I'm lucky that even during this shelter-in-place, I can feel less housebound simply being at home. 

I'm still only 20 minutes from downtown (and no matter where you live in SF, you're always 20 minutes from downtown thanks to traffic), but it feels like a world away. Partly that's because the restaurants, shops and businesses out here by the beach feel so much like a beach community. And, when I'm not at the store, I rely on them. A lot. And I want to continue to, so that they can continue.

If you're looking for charming, community-minded, thoughtful small businesses to support, may I recommend:

3 Fish Studios

Hook Fish Co.

Celia's by the Beach

Blackbird Books

Andytown Coffee

Devil's Teeth Bakery

Java Beach Cafe